“An accident in an Iranian nuclear reactor” a day after the start of new centrifuges | abroad

"An accident in an Iranian nuclear reactor" a day after the start of new centrifuges |  abroad

A spokesman for the Iranian nuclear agency confirmed that “the accident did not result in casualties or pollution,” who said that there were problems with electricity in the ground station.

A fire broke out in the factory last year. According to the Iranian government, this was the result of an Israeli sabotage attempt. The Natanz nuclear reactor is at the center of the Iranian regime’s plans to enrich uranium, which critics say wants to use uranium for nuclear weapons. Therefore, the International Atomic Energy Agency is monitoring developments in Natanz.

Obama’s deal

Tehran and Washington have been trying to revive the 2015 nuclear weapons treaty since the presidency of Joe Biden after former President Donald Trump withdrew from it three years ago. Then Trump decided to re-impose sanctions on the Iranian regime. This, in turn, decided to expand the nuclear program, contrary to the treaty rules.

Iran and the United States brought their demands to the table this week in indirect talks in Vienna. Although neither country was willing to give in to the other, there was talk of constructive consultations on both sides.

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