AMuS: F1 has alternatives in the Middle East should more GPs cancel

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the F1 establishment is doing everything it can to achieve a 23-event race schedule. This is not easy anyway. Although the European season has been successfully completed, there is still uncertainty surrounding which intercontinental matches will be on the calendar after the summer break. If competitions in Asia and America are called off, F1 will likely find its solution in the Middle East.

After the summer break, concerns are growing about Formula 1. They want the intercontinental race, which means that events such as the Grand Prix of Brazil, Mexico and Japan are still on the calendar. In some countries where competition is still supposed to take place, the coronavirus is not going well. What plans does Formula 1 have when a race is cancelled?

Bee Cars, cars and sports They know more. There it is suggested that Suzuka, the Japan match, is the first problem. For a year and a half, he’s been off coronavirus cases. Although the Olympics are still going on, it remains to be seen if the grand prix makes sense, no matter how much Honda wants to hold a domestic race in its final year in Formula One. “A decision must be taken before the 10th of August,” the German mediator said.

What is the situation in America?

If the race is cancelled, the sport’s organization has already devised alternatives. An event could be held in Austin (US, ed.) a week before the planned Grand Prix. The US double event will then form a triple header with the Mexican Grand Prix.

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There are also doubts about the Brazilian Grand Prix. The race should take place in South America on November 7, but due to the Brazilian alternative to the coronavirus, people are reluctant to travel to the country. There are severe travel restrictions attached to the country. However, Brazil are undoubtedly keen to let the match go ahead, making it contractually difficult for Formula One to say no.

Middle East options with Bahrain and Qatar

The solution? Do not fly directly to Europe from Brazil. In the Middle East one can go for an extra race in Bahrain. The outer ring of the Bahrain International Circuit has already been visited in 2020 and is also being seen as an alternative to the 2021 season. Perhaps there will be no competitions in Europe in October: the weather is simply not good in many European countries.

The other alternative in the Middle East is a new race. According to the German outlet, Qatar has been putting pressure on Formula 1 for years. The oil-rich country will be willing to spend a lot of money for an event, which is of course an attractive proposition for the sport in times of crisis. The Losail International Circuit near Doha will be the battleground for the Grand Prix. If things continue to go wrong in the 2021 F1 calendar, this is the most likely way out.

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