Amsterdam-KZ is in the spotlight on Viaplay

Amsterdam-KZ is in the spotlight on Viaplay

A quiet weekend is planned for the die-hard viewer. First of all, men don’t play major league duels. They last played this year last week. Fortunately, all women’s matches can be enjoyed on Viaplay. NOS does not broadcast hockey. They are shooting their arrows in the soccer world cup.

The match of the week will be held at Wagner Stadium. Amsterdam take on the KZ gatekeeper. Robert Tiegges’ team is only three points behind leaders SCHC. Little Switzerland is still at zero after 11 rounds.

All big league games this weekend will be played on Sundays at 12:45 p.m. There is no hockey on Saturday. The ladies can be followed live on Viaplay. Sunday busy? Not a problem. All matches can be watched on Sunday evening at 9pm on the streaming service’s program recap.

And where is located?

We can be found this Sunday at ‘t Kopje. Hurley comes to visit Blumendale. The home team beat Tilburg 2-0 last weekend thanks to star player Maria Granato. Therefore, it is the eighth in the ranking. Hurley narrowly beat HDM (1-0) last week and thus sits fourth. We also report live from Den Bosch. The country’s third seed, Marieke Dijkstra, welcomes former teammate Margot van Geffen. HGC is number five after eleven games.

Hug between Laura Nunnink and Margot van Geffen after HGC-Den Bosch (0-1). Photo: Quinn Swick

promotion category

Of course we also take a look at the promotion category. At 12.45pm Dames van Huizen will take on Team HIC. It would be nail-biting for the viewer, because number two plays against number three. Huizen is only one point apart from HIC.

Finally, we are also located in Nijmegen. At 2.45pm, the top seed in the standings will face six seed Tilburg. Nijmegen lost to Almeira for the first time in five weeks and is still leading with 22 points. Like Hurley Walmere, Tilburg had fourteen points in their last nine matches.

Nijmegen in battle against Victoria. Photo: Martin Hulsmann/Orange Pictures

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