American moviegoers don’t want to see “Black Widow” online. What do you think?

American moviegoers don't want to see "Black Widow" online.  What do you think?

The Marvel Black Widow movie starts in July. Whip Media conducted research in the United States and found that the vast majority of American viewers prefer to watch the movie at the cinema.

68 percent of respondents who participated in a Whip Media poll referred to the movie “Rather in cinema” You want to watch. 32 percent of viewers choose to watch the movie at home. Of course, all respondents ultimately want to see the movie.

Bidirectional firing
The film will be released on the Disney + streaming service as well as in cinemas. Disney chose this because not all cinemas have opened yet and they had already been waiting for a year with the release of their first Marvel movie in phase four.

Black Widow It is the highly-anticipated solo adventure of Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From the movie Black Widow Delves into Natasha Romanoff’s past. She once worked in the KGB, which made her the ultimate soldier. But after some wandering, she ends up in the United States, where she joins the Avengers. In this movie, we’ll see how the character teams up with her former teammates to defeat the dangerous Taskmaster.

Where do you prefer to watch the movie? At the cinema or at home?

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