American Media Association mulls pulling Donald Trump into Capitol building | right Now

American Media Association mulls pulling Donald Trump into Capitol building |  right Now

SAG-AFTRA of America, which represents hundreds of thousands of actors, journalists and media makers, talks on Tuesday about the possibility of expelling President Donald Trump as a member. His membership is jeopardized and puts Trump’s potential return to TV shows at risk, according to reports Limit.

Before Trump became President of the United States, he appeared on popular TV shows like the Apprentice at Celebrity Newbie. He also produced these series and gained international fame.

If he is kicked out of the guild, he can accordingly TMZ You no longer participate in such programs. Trump has been a member of SAG since 1989. A merger with AFTRA followed in 2012. Members can be banned if they violate the union’s integrity and ideals. Two-thirds majority is required for cancellation.

On Tuesday, the federation will discuss deporting Trump for the first time. The entire process may take up to two weeks. In this way, the president himself also has a chance to defend himself. SAG-AFTRA wanted to catch up on Monday Limit Do not interact.

SAG-AFTRA has no political affiliation and does not donate to political parties. But she has criticized Trump before when he claimed that “the media is America’s greatest enemy.” There are also thousands of journalists in the Syndicate.

The decisive factor in the cancellation, according to the American Film website, was the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6. By agitating his supporters, Trump broke Union rules. One day after the storm, Sag-Afra denounced the events in strong terms.

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The storming of Parliament also led to another impeachment measure, a political lawsuit launched by Congress against Trump.

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