America withdraws its last soldiers from Iraq | abroad

America withdraws its last soldiers from Iraq |  abroad

The United States will withdraw all remaining military forces fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq. The US State Department said the two countries agreed on this day. Countries cite the “increasing capacity” of the Iraqi security forces as a reason for the withdrawal.

At a later time, a date will be agreed upon when US forces and other countries that helped fight ISIS will leave Iraq. US soldiers will remain active in Iraq to assist the military with advice and training in the fight against ISIS.

A joint US-Iraq statement said the transition of US and other international forces from combat operations to training, equipping, and assisting the Iraqi army “reflects the success” of strategic cooperation. It ensures support for the ongoing efforts of the Iraqi armed forces to ensure that ISIS cannot threaten the stability of Iraq again.

Endless wars

The two countries had their first “strategic dialogue” since Joe Biden became president of the United States. According to both countries, the Iraqi army has improved significantly. Like his predecessor Donald Trump, Biden is also looking for ways to end what has come to be called “endless wars.” Under Trump, the number of US troops in Iraq has already fallen to 2,500 at the beginning of this year.

The decision comes at a time when US forces are bombarded almost daily with missiles from Shiite paramilitary groups linked to Iran. Iraq promised to protect the bases.

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