Amazon Prime Video added 3 series this week

Amazon Prime Video added 3 series this week

In terms of movies, it is busier on Amazon Prime Video, with only 3 new series appearing.

Over 20 new movies have appeared on Amazon Prime Video. Some TV series just got a little easier this week. However, some nice new titles have appeared on the streaming service. We’ll list them for you today.

Below is a complete overview. We start with the series that got a new episode, followed by a series with new seasons.

American Gods (S03E07)In Lakeside, Shadow learns the startling truth behind a string of crimes. Wednesday makes a shocking discovery with dire consequences. Laura and Selim negotiate with the enemy of their enemy, while Belqis walks her new path.

TRECX (1 season): Trix It is a silly satirical comedy series with a new and modern look. All is a mixture of smaller group scenes and dramatic cinematic acting scenes – sometimes made as recurring mini-series with sitcom elements.

LOL: Australia (1 season)Hosted by Rebel Wilson, ten of the best Australian comedians are fighting to see who keeps their face straight while trying to make others laugh. Comedians laughing one by one are taken out, until one comedian is left. There is $ 100,000 at stake. Who laughs at last?

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