Amazon installs surveillance cameras in its delivery vehicles

Ces caméras de sécurité sont destinées à «la sécurité des chauffeurs et des communautés qu

Amazon has begun installing connected cameras in delivery trucks to improve driver safety, but the move sparked protests from associations critical of continuous surveillance.

We have recently started deploying the latest generation of camera-based security technologies to our delivery fleet.An Amazon spokesman confirmed to AFP Thursday. “This technology will provide real-time alerts to drivers to help them ensure their safety when on the road.”. E-commerce giant Driveri has chosen, a camera model produced by Netradyne that includes an artificial intelligence (AI) system to analyze data and warn drivers directly.

“For the safety of drivers”

“Studies have shown that these cameras reduce collisions by a third thanks to the alerts inside the car, and the third thanks to improved driver behavior.”Carolina Haraldsdottir, the Amazon company responsible for security during deliveries, confirms. She speaks in an internal video extolling the benefits of the new system “For the safety of drivers and the communities they serve”Published by the US media and validated by Amazon

Cameras are equipped with four lenses, thus photographing the road and the driver, but they do not record sound or broadcast directly – “Nobody can call and listen during the handover”, Karolina Haraldsdottir specifies. With Driver, “The security manager will now have access to every minute of the driver’s day.”Netradyne says.

Business Control

“This is the largest expansion of corporate surveillance in human history.”Angry Evan Greer, deputy director of the NGO Fight for the Future, which fights for human rights in a digital world. Amazon wants to convert its huge fleet for delivery into a mobile army of surveillance cameras. These devices will exacerbate the inhuman working conditions in which drivers are already working. They will violate the basic rights of all by constantly collecting and analyzing images in our neighborhoods. “She continued in a statement.

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According to the internal regulations for these cameras published by CNBC, they will also be used to assess drivers’ behavior, indicating that they did not stop at a stop sign, for example. “It looks like it’s inevitable that Amazon will find an easy way to share videos with 2,000 or so of its security partners.”Adds Evan Greer, who is also concerned about the risks of the camera being hacked.

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