All you need to know about the Free Youth Scholarship from Google and Contacts for Machine Learning

All you need to know about the Free Youth Scholarship from Google and Contacts for Machine Learning

The Information Technology Institute announces the opening of the application process through the free Internet-based “Google Machine Learning Developer” grant, provided in coordination with the company (Google), which aims to provide the next generation of software developers and engineers in Egypt with the skills required to solve problems Real life, using machine learning at all levels from beginners, advanced and intermediate.

Machine developer program:

The Machine Developer Program is a new program consisting of 3 levels in order to help train more than 30,000 software engineers, graduates of computer science colleges and university students, on machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

Over the course of 12 to 18 months, trainees will receive an intensive course of pre-courses and hands-on tests offered by Qwiklabs, an online training platform, along with instructor-led training by expert Google and other key partners.

To be able to participate in this course, the applicant must have knowledge of one of the programming languages.

Scientific content of the training course:

1- Getting practical training with machine learning because it is applied to image processing by taking laboratories that help you name images and discover features and faces, as well as extracting, translating and analyzing text from within the images.

2- Getting hands-on training with machine learning, because it applies to language processing by taking laboratories that help you extract entities from within the text, conducting an analysis of emotions and grammar, as well as using the Speech to Text API for transcription.

3- An exploration of APIs will show you how robust application programming interfaces (APIs) are and why this is used almost exclusively by competent GCP users.

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4- After completing the course, the trainees will obtain 3 certificates from Google and a certificate from “Skill Tech.”

For those wishing to register for the scholarship by filling in the information electronically through the official website of the Information Technology Institute.

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