All qualifying times and matches respectively

All qualifying times and matches respectively

All play-off matches of the 2022 Hoofdklasse Women and Tulip Hoofdklasse Men 2022 will be broadcast live. Images can be viewed directly on Ziggo, NOS or on The competition for the women’s national title kicks off on Thursday 19 May between SCHC and Den Bosch. For the men, the decision will be made this weekend in the semi-finals Pinoké-Amsterdam and Bloemendaal-HGC.

The women’s club SCHC and Den Bosch in Belethoven will kick off Thursday at 8:30 p.m. for their first match in the final. Broadcasting on Ziggo Sport begins at 8.20pm with a preview. Commentary on the match by John Van Vliet.

The second final will be Saturday afternoon at 12.45pm in Den Bosch. Then the match can be watched on Ziggo Sport and NOS. A possible third match, the next day, will be broadcast by both Ziggo Sport and NOS. Checkout at Den Bosch at 1.15pm.

Janis van Hatum, Texas Buckins and Marlon Landbrough celebrate Pinocchi’s victory over Amsterdam in the first game of the semi-finals of the playoffs. Photo: Bart Schuldermann

Hoofclass tulip for men

On Saturday, May 21, the second games of the semi-finals of the qualifiers at the Men’s Hovedeklaisi Tulip will also be on the programme. 4pm Kopje will be the end of the match between Bloemendaal and HGC. This game will be streamed live via and app. Commentary provided by Reemt Borcherts.

At the same time, Pinocchie receives Amsterdam’s neighbors. NOS Bosderby broadcasts live via NPO1, and the NOS app. The men’s teams play a third and decisive match on Sunday. The date and location of the broadcast will be announced on Saturday.

The Orange-Red women celebrate after defeating rival Victoria in a direct relegation fight. Photo: William Vernes

Women’s workouts

A crucial week is approaching for the Orange-Red and Little Swiss women. Two main class teams compete in the top three to survive at the highest level. They will compete against the number two and three of the promotion category: Tilburg and Leonidas.

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Orange-Rod will visit Tilburg next Thursday, after which the second match is scheduled to start in Eindhoven on Saturday. A third and decisive match will take place the next day in Tilburg.

Little Switzerland kicks off Thursday with an away game in Rotterdam against Leonidas. And Capricorn plays at home on Saturday, then comes a third and decisive game in Rotterdam on Sunday.

The loser in the playoffs will play in the promotion category next season, just as Victoria, who is relegated to twelfth place in the Eredivisie major.

Congratulations to Leandro Tolini after the goal he scored for Tilburg against SCHC. Photo: Roger Buck

men’s matches

The gentlemen from the main divisions SCHC and Tilburg will have to be patient for some time. Their qualifying matches are scheduled for June 1, 4 and 6. It is known that HDM and Voordaan will be the opponents, but it is still clear who will be playing against whom.

HDM and Voordaan have to play two more matches in the competition to determine who will take second and third place in the promotion category. The difference between HDM, which ranks second, with Voordaan is only one point. In the playoffs, Tilburg plays against the number three and SCHC against the number two of the promotion category.

Hong Kong Women’s Final Match Schedule

Date competition Started Broadcasting
May 19 SCHC – Den Bosch 8.30 pm Ziggo
May 21 Den Bosch – SCHC 12.45 pm Ziggo / NOS
May 22 * Den Bosch – SCHC 1.15 pm Ziggo / NOS
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* If necessary, third match and decisive

Fixtures for men’s Hong Kong Tulips

Date competition Started Broadcasting
May 21 Pinocchi – Amsterdam 16.00 hours NOS
May 21 Bloemendaal – HGC 16.00 hours
May 22 * nnb 15:00 NOS
May 22 * nnb 3 pm or 5 pm.
26 May Final – first match 2:45 pm NOS
May 28 Final – second match 3:45 pm NOS
May 29 * Final – third match 2:45 pm NOS

* If necessary, third match and decisive

Hong Kong Women’s Qualifiers

Date competition Started d / h
May 19 Tilburg – red orange 8.30 pm ladies
May 19 Leonidas – Little Switzerland 8.30 pm ladies
May 21 Red Orange – Tilburg 12.30 pm ladies
May 21 Little Switzerland – Leonidas 12.30 pm ladies
May 22 * Tilburg – red orange 12.30 pm ladies
May 22 * Leonidas – Little Switzerland 12.30 pm ladies

* If necessary, third match and decisive

scheduling hong kong tulips for men

Date competition Started d / h
June 1 Matches # 1.1 8.30 pm men
June 1 Matches #2.1 8.30 pm men
June 4 Matches # 1.2 16.00 hours men
June 4 Matches #2.2 16.00 hours men
June 5 * Matches # 1.3 16.00 hours men
June 5 * Matches #2.3 16.00 hours men

* If necessary, third match and decisive

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