All Oosterlengte Nursing and Residential Care are closed

Residents and family members were informed (by phone) of the decision. This is a precaution, aimed at keeping the Coronavirus away as much as possible. The full lockdown will remain in effect for the next 10 days – that is, until January 25.

If the British surrogate came into our nursing homes, we couldn’t handle it

My Name is Oosterlengte – Chairman of the Board of Directors

“We’re doing it to buy time,” says Ismay Kremers, Oosterlength’s chairman. We don’t like to do this, it’s a drastic procedure. We currently have around fifty customers and thirty infected employees on our sites. So we are not dealing with a major outbreak at the moment. But we see many infections around us in the area. If the British alternative is introduced to our nursing homes, we cannot handle it.

Hospice care organizations in the area are constantly consulting with one another, says Kremers: “ Our hope is to vaccinate residents and staff. Only this can help us. The faster we do this, the better. This is our common message.

This is an inhuman situation that cannot continue

My name is Creamers

The chairperson also fears the consequences for her employees: “I have great respect for my employees, because we find ourselves in an inhuman situation. This cannot continue. I fear many of them will collapse after that. But this does not apply to us only, it applies to all care The elderly.

Oosterlength has eleven residential care and nursing centers, spread across Winschoten, Scheemda, Beerta, Bellingwolde, Nieuwolda, Oude Pekela and Nieuwe Pekela.

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