All Aukey products are gone from Amazon

All Aukey products are gone from Amazon

You won’t find any Aukey products for sale on Amazon anymore. The popular Chinese props maker is no longer listed by the e-commerce giant, and even if the cards remain online, the corresponding products are marked as unavailable. Those that are still being sold second-hand or from the work of third-party vendors, but the props have otherwise disappeared.

The Aukey USB-C Charger is no longer available on Amazon.

This sudden disappearance can be explained by suspicions about tampering with notes on Amazon. This practice is strictly prohibited by the site’s rules, although it is more common than one might think. The data leak gave an idea of ​​the scale of the phenomenon: location Safety monitors I got a database that reveals a mechanism by which companies pay Amazon users for a positive review. The goal is to deceive the site’s algorithms, so that the products in question go up in the ranking.

With their data alone, security researchers estimate that between 200 and 250,000 Amazon customers were paid to leave a positive review on the site. Keep in mind that this is only one source of data, and this phenomenon undoubtedly has more significance. And if it’s about little anonymous manufacturers looking to make a name for themselves thanks to the positive reviews, then the big names can also indulge in these practices.

This is A priori The same applies to “OKI” and this would explain the disappearance of its products on Amazon. The commercial giant did not confirm this, but the statement provided to the site Revision He suggests this by calling the homeowner’s policy against the reviews that sellers pay. In addition to the news from the site XDA Developers a Broadcast photos Which proves that Aukey has paid well customers for positive reviews.

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Aoki is said to have sent such cards to his customers, asking for “honest advice” in exchange for a $ 100 Amazon voucher. The Creator isn’t explicitly asking for a five-star review, but it’s just like that.

We contacted Aukey for details on this disappearance from Amazon and will update the article if we receive a response.

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