All about the departure of Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona

Alles over het vertrek van Lionel Messi bij FC Barcelona

0:30 – In the “Fat Yesterday” section, lists the most important news of the previous evening. With a summary of everything you missed, you are up to date with the latest football news. These were the top news facts for Thursday, August 5th.

Messi officially leaves Barcelona
Lionel Messi will officially leave Barcelona this summer. The club and the small Argentine failed to reach an agreement that fit the financial constraints of the Catalans. The club announced this Thursday evening.

“Messi is shocked: his departure was also unexpected for him”
Lionel Messi (34) was shocked and stunned after covering Barcelona. The club announced, on Thursday evening, that its captain would leave the first Catalan club, but he did not notify himself of this until a little earlier. To him, the news came like a thunderbolt out of the blue that they couldn’t pay him.

FC Barcelona cut themselves in the fingers with a CVC box
FC Barcelona may have wound the finger about the financial situation surrounding the club. La Liga this week gave clubs the option to borrow money, through a so-called CVC fund. 2.7 billion euros was available for this purpose, of which 270 million were provided to the Catalans. But, like Real Madrid, they refused to cooperate.

Messi has already rejected two clubs, a move to PSG is ‘possible’
Lionel Messi (34) is leaving FC Barcelona for good, but he may not be planning to stop just yet. According to GOAL, the young Argentine would be open to starting with a new employer. He was even going to get many great offers this summer, but he ignored them at first.

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Barcelona’s statement on Messi is not a means of pressure on La Liga
Barcelona’s statement regarding Lionel Messi’s (34) farewell has sparked an incredible amount of controversy. There are roughly two theories: a group that thinks it will be used as a means to put pressure on La Liga, but that too is vehemently rejected. Almost nothing is expected to prevent a permanent outage.

Feyenoord impresses in Lucerne, again til
Feyenoord took a good step into the next round of the Conference League Thursday night. In Switzerland, the Arne Slot looked much better than facing FC Drita and, especially in the first half, coped with the chances well. Guus Til was again man of the match with two goals, and Luis Sinistera also ended up on the scoresheet (0-3). Vitesse didn’t go further than 2-2 earlier in the evening.

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