Alfa Romeo goalless after Raikkonen’s turn: ‘It looked like we’d finish well’

Alfa Romeo goalless after Raikkonen's turn: 'It looked like we'd finish well'

During the US Grand Prix, it looked for a long time that Alfa Romeo would finish in the top ten. The car was fast and Kimi Raikkonen drove well until lap 52. On that lap, Raikkonen passed through the S-turns, but he made a turn and landed off the track. Alfa Romeo left the United States without points. However, the team is also positive about the race, according to reports Cars, cars and sports.

It’s already the second time Alfa Romeo has missed some points. At the Russian Grand Prix, Antonio Giovinazzi refused to sideline Raikkonen, who was clearly faster. As a result, Esteban Ocon could not be overtaken and Alfa Romeo finished outside the top ten. In the United States, teamwork was present and Giovinazzi stepped aside for Raikkonen. It was Räikkönen in P10 and Giovinazzi in P11. The Italian’s job was to hold Vettel for as long as possible so that Raikkonen could secure the point. Alfa Romeo Team Principal Pete Zehnder is clear: “Vettel would not have outdone Raikkonen if he had not ended up off the track.”

Vasseur: “The team deserved a point”

Alfa Romeo Team Principal Frederic Vasseur was disappointed. “The team deserves at least a point. We were in the top ten all the time, or out of it. It looked like we were going to finish well, but now we’re empty-handed. Because of the goalless weekend, Alfa Romeo is ninth in the standings with just seven points.

Raikkonen also noted that the car was in good shape. During his pit stop, he was fitted with new medium tires, which put him faster than his Italian teammate. However, the tires eventually stalled, causing the Finn to lose traction. “It was because of the fight with Alonso. Some parts were damaged, which made the car less successful in overcoming the bumps. Both Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso finished without points.

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