Alexander Rossi reveals rejection at Haas: ‘I didn’t think the Americans were good enough for F1’

Rossi onthult afwijzing bij Haas: "Dachten niet dat Amerikanen goed genoeg waren voor F1"

Former Formula 1 driver Alexander Rossi has revealed that in an effort to stay in the sport, American Haas knocked on the door in 2015, but didn’t get the bill. As a reason for his refusal, he was told that there were no Americans suitable for Formula 1 at the time.

Formula 1 has found its way to the United States. The Miami Grand Prix will be on the program in a few days. In addition, the state already has three games on the calendar for the upcoming season. The interest from the country is huge and with an American team in the sport, the only thing missing is a driver from the country. American Rossi drove a number of races for the Manor Marussia F1 team in 2015. He wanted to continue his Formula 1 career at HaasF1, but that idea was rejected by the team.

Hass refused

Despite talks between the two parties, no agreement was reached. Russian says in Beyond the net– Podcast: “There were some conversations. At Monza, in 2015, live, the management message was: ‘We don’t care about you.’ Rossi continues the conversation in Haas: ‘We don’t think there are Americans who are qualified to race in Formula 1 now and the best thing you can do is His is to get out and go your own way.” After this refusal, he no longer had to knock on the door of Haas’ team. What he finds humiliating is that commitments have simply not been fulfilled.” Things that Haas ultimately failed to achieve were promised. That’s the humiliating thing about it, but that’s the way life goes and the way life goes,” he continues.

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Rossi chose to work at IndyCar and that didn’t work out. He sees a number of similarities to the American equivalent of Formula 1. Especially taking finances with you is a big problem. However, the impact on the outside world is much greater in Formula 1. “Obviously on a smaller scale and budgets are much smaller, so it all makes sense,” the teams explain. Despite everything, he still hopes to get an American driver in Formula 1 and still has a Haas story in his stomach. “But in the end, we haven’t seen an American in a Haas in seven years,” he concludes.

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