Aldi message to clients that thousands of “private purchases” failed to arrive

Aldi Christmas decorations as advertised in their catalogue.

Aldi warns shoppers to prepare for disappointments surrounding the thousands of special purchases coming ahead of the holiday season.

The supermarket said issues with its supply chain had delayed some advertised products.

The delay is being blamed on the industrial strike at Port Botany in Sydney and other container terminals.

Adrian Christie, Director of Customer Interactions at Aldi Australia told that the supermarket doesn’t pride in discouraging people from shopping but has few options.

Mr. Christie said, “Stay out if what you’re looking for isn’t available, but if you want the usual things like milk and bread, you’ll be fine.”

The famous 7-foot Christmas tree and luminous reindeer are among hundreds of items that may not be available on Wednesday. Source: Aldi

Before Saturday’s special purchases, the Aldi Products page displays a number of items that will not be available in every state or territory.

One of the most in-demand item that currently appears on the front cover of Aldi’s Special Buys catalog is a $ 99.99 tall Christmas tree.

The pre-lit Winchester Luxury LED Christmas Tree, which is supposed to be in stores on Wednesday, will not be available in every state except Queensland.

Mr Christie said the Big Tree is one of the reasons Aldi warned shoppers not to be prepared for delay.

“A seven-foot Christmas tree isn’t necessarily something you want to take home on the bus. So we know people are recruiting friends or borrowing big cars to get the tree. We want to reduce disruption,” he told

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Another six-foot Christmas tree is falling behind in all states except Western Australia, while a plethora of festive lights, ornaments, and craft tools will be absent across the country.

This list shows dozens of items that will not be available in stores on Wednesday. For a complete list, visit the Aldi website.

Aldi said the products should be delivered later in the week, but that all will depend on how quickly the port is finishing the backlog.

Earlier this year, the supermarket chain made the difficult decision to suspend its popular private purchases for several weeks at overbought conditions out of panic during the coronavirus pandemic.

The annual ski store sale has been postponed until 2021, while the sale of luggage has also been suspended.

“Nobody needs to buy a bag right now,” Kristi said at the time.

“So it was cruel for us to sell the bags. I don’t think anyone would have appreciated the irony in doing that.”

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