Albon considers switching to IndyCar: ‘It’s hard to say if I want to’

Albon overweegt overstap naar IndyCar: "Moeilijk om te zeggen of ik dat wil"

We could see Alexander Albon in an American IndyCar in 2022. The British-Thai is in Indianapolis this weekend to put together a class photo, as he explores possible options.

Albon was allowed to make his Formula 1 debut at Toro Rosso in 2019, but was promoted to sister team Red Bull Racing six months later. Unfortunately, it turns out that Albon, like his predecessor Pierre Gasly, is having a lot of trouble keeping up with his teammate Max Verstappen. At the end of 2020, the team decided that Sergio Perez would take his seat from 2021. Albon in turn had to settle for the test and reserve driver role and was sent to DTM with Liam Lawson. However, the big question is whether there will be a place on the net for the British Thai next year.

IndyCar appears to be at least now a possibility. “I want to see what’s possible,” Albon told the official IndyCar website. “My main goal is to drive in Formula 1, but there’s no 100 per cent certainty about that. So you should always have a Plan B and C and have a picture of what’s possible. I’ve always been interested in IndyCar; you can now see it’s growing even more. , especially now that the number of viewers and the like is increasing.”

Albon to IndyCar?

Albon stated that this was the first time he had seen IndyCar racing up close, but he grew up with the sport. A Brit is usually too busy with his other responsibilities to make a trip to the United States. However, with DTM and Formula 1 currently at a standstill, the young driver has now been able to take a look.

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“It was really fun to watch,” Albon continues. “Honestly, it’s hard to say if that’s something I’d like to do. I see quite a few teams out there now. I want to talk to them and see what’s possible so I can decide what I’m going to do.” However, he stresses that it is definitely worth considering. “If the right opportunity presents itself … No, let’s say there is a lack of opportunities in Formula 1 and there is an opportunity here with a good team and I have enjoyed it in the next few days, the opportunity is of course much greater,” concludes Albon.

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