Albert’s second ex-girlfriend attacks Charlene

Albert's second ex-girlfriend attacks Charlene

Although former lover Nicole Coast has already left school and criticized Charlene, another ex-lover of Albert is now out. Former Playmate Simona Tagli Doesn’t Talk About Charlene…

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Charlene has long been away from Albert and her children to recover in a clinic in Switzerland. I hope you don’t get what Albert’s ex-mistresses say about her, because after Nicole Coast, a second ex-lover was expelled from school.


After being forced to stay in South Africa for several months due to a sore throat, nose and ear, Charlene finally returned to Monaco last November. Unfortunately, this did not last long, because after a few days she left for a clinic in Switzerland.

This meant that Charlene remained separated from her family for much longer, and Nicole Coast soon announced that she would like to take her place. She also believes that everything that happens to Charlene is Karma. And it turns out that Nicole is not the only ex-lover of Albert who is not a fan of her.

“It really bothered me.”

Former playmate Simona Tagli, who was with Albert for two years in the 1990s, recently appeared on German channel RTL. She said that she had good memories of the relationship with Albert, and therefore she calls him “the prince of fairy tales.” It bothers her that Albert is now with Charlene.

“I was particularly upset that she spent the last year in South Africa and did not see her children,” Simon said sarcastically. “She might not be allowed to fly, but I’m also a mom, and I’d go swimming or take a boat if needed.”

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