Alberta has reported 1,584 new cases of COVID-19, and there are no deaths

A masked pedestrian walks in downtown Calgary on Friday, Nov. 20, 2020. For the second day in a row, COVID-19 cases hit record highs in Alberta on Friday.

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Shepherd said Alberta’s people looked to Kenny and his government for leadership, “instead, we got an Assistant Secretary who says the UCP’s plan is” wait-and-see “while they all bear the brunt.”

Shepherd was referring to Jason Lowan, assistant secretary of mental health and addiction, who was taped to a virtual town hall on Friday saying that government standards are measured by the ability of hospitals to handle ICU admissions and hospitalizations.

“So we are waiting to see where this threshold will be pushed to our limits and then we gradually reduce more activities in this way,” said Luoan.

After the video began circulating online, Luoan posted to Facebook to say he was wrong to suggest that the government waits for hospitals to be full.

“The government, on the advice of experts from public health officials like Dr. Henshaw, is making evidence-based decisions to avoid reaching this point – a goal that we all support.” “I’m really sorry for any confusion about my statement,” Luan said, explaining that he is not involved in the decision Regarding new restrictions or hospital capacity.

Calgary Mayor Nhid Ninche called on the county government to “take bold action” immediately and encouraged people to keep up with precautions.

“The numbers of Covid cases this weekend, the hospital / ICU numbers, and the dire outcomes are very worrying. The thing that is even more worrisome is the exponential rate of growth. We need bold action from the Alberta government now, plus all the things we need. To carry out in our families. “

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