Albert Heine and Picnic will not deliver any groceries on Sunday due to snow | right Now

Albert Heine and Picnic will not deliver any groceries on Sunday due to snow |  right Now

Albert Heijn and Picnic will refrain from delivering the grocery items that have already been placed on Sunday due to the expected snowfall. Given the circumstances, according to the companies, there is no justification for sending delivery workers on the road.

“At first we looked very carefully at the situation, but taking the road is irresponsible,” said a spokesman for Albert Haigen. “It is an extreme measure that we do not like to take.”

It is not possible for Albert Heijn to change the delivery time. However, customers can choose a different day for their order.

Albert Heijn wanted to inform customers in time by email that they should not depend on the delivery person at the door on Sunday, so that they can go to the supermarket on their own. The chain currently expects distribution to supermarket branches to continue on Sunday, but is also closely monitoring whether this can be done safely.

Picnic has also informed its customers that deliveries cannot take place on Sundays, says co-founder Michael Mueller in response to After Sunday, delivery is checked from day to day. “We depend on road conditions, whether distributors can deliver products and whether our drivers can get to work.”

The red code is applied across the Netherlands from midnight and throughout Sunday, according to KNMI reports on Saturday afternoon. The country will then have to deal with snow, lots of winds and light to moderate frosts.

At SPAR, grocery deliveries are arranged individually by entrepreneurs. According to the spokesperson, there is no insight into this from the head office. A spokesperson for said: “We assume the entrepreneurs will still be involved and, as usual, do what they can do, but they will put safety first.”

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