Airtel offers a 1 Gbps Wi-Fi router for free; Take advantage of this

Airtel offers a 1 Gbps Wi-Fi router for free;  Take advantage of this

Ahmednagar Live24 Team, January 17, 2021: – All telecom companies offer innovative offers to attract their customers. These offers greatly benefit the customers.

Meanwhile, Airtel made a special offer, in which customers will get a free Wi-Fi router with a capacity of 1 gigabits per second (Gbps). Yes, for this you have to take a special plan from Airtel and you will get this router for free.

Free router is available with the Rs 3,999 plan –

Airtel Extreme Fiber users planning Rs 3,999 will get a 1Gbps 4×4 Wi-Fi router for free. Traditional home or office routers often don’t give users a gigabyte connection experience at home or in the office.

To make up for this deficiency, Airtel offers routers to all users who choose the Airtel Extreme Fiber plan Rs 3,999. On this broadband plan, you will get 1 Gbps speed. Plus, you’ll also get a free Airtel Extreme Box.

You will get full benefit from the plan –

With a free 1 Gbps router, you will be able to take full advantage of your plan, which will give you 1 Gbps Wi-Fi internet. It will help you to do stock trading, office, gaming and animation experience, work from home or study from home.

Learn about other benefits –

At Rs 3999 per month, the Airtel Extreme Fiber VIP plan offers unlimited internet and even 1 Gbps speeds. STD local and unlimited calling benefits will also be available.

In addition to the Wi-Fi router, Airtel Extreme Fiber also comes with a free Airtel Extreme box at Rs 3,999 plan. Let’s learn the benefits of this square. Airtel Extreme Fiber broadband plan is available for 3,999 rupees in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

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Airtel Extreme Box Benefits –

Airtel Extreme Box gives you access to 550 TV channels and OTT content in the Airtel Extreme app library, including over 10,000 movies, seven OTT apps, and 5 studio shows. The plan also includes Amazon Prime Video and G5 subscriptions.

Airtelcha Special Prepaid Plan –

This plan has a validity of 28 days. Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription is available with this plan. The plan comes with unlimited calls and 100 text messages per day. Gives you 3GB of data daily.

Apart from this, Free Airtel Extreme Premium Subscription, Free Halotunes with Unlimited Change, Wink Music, and Shaw Academy Free Online Course with 1-year validity and Rs.150 cashback will also be available upon the purchase of Fastag.

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