Airtel is successfully testing 5G in Hyderabad

Airtel is successfully testing 5G in Hyderabad

RaAirtel becomes the first telecom service provider to successfully test 5G service in India Airtel tested 5G in Hyderabad.

The 5G network was tested using the current liberated Airtel spectrum in the 1,800MHz band by NSA network technology. Airtel claims to be able to seamlessly run 4G and 5G on the same block of spectrum.

Airtel said its new 5G network will be able to deliver ten times the speed, ten times the latency and 100 times the capacity, compared to current technologies. Airtel said it was able to download an entire Hyderabad movie to a 5G phone within seconds.

Users will be able to enjoy the full 5G experience with the required specifications and government approval.

Geo has also launched 5G testing

Reliance Jio, Airtel’s biggest competitor, has also announced the launch of 5G in India. Geo announced that it will launch 5G in the country later this year.

Content highlights: airtel has successfully demonstrated live 5G services in Hyderabad

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