Airports can handle dozens of flights from Schiphol | the interior

Airports can handle dozens of flights from Schiphol |  the interior

Six flights from tour operator Corendon and four from TUI depart for Rotterdam. Transavia is in the process of transferring one departure flight from Schiphol to Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Eelde in Drenthe has room to handle one or two additional flights per hour for a short period. “This drops to 8 to 16 flights per day,” explains a spokeswoman for Groningen Airport Eelde. Space is limited in Eindhoven because it is already occupied there due to the May holiday.

Maastricht Aachen Airport also has space to take flights from Schiphol, but it is not yet possible to name specific numbers. According to a spokeswoman, it is more about “a few dozen flights”.


Schiphol wants to prevent uncontrollable congestion and is consulting with airlines about a solution, with an eye on rescheduling flights. The country’s largest airport is understaffed for security, baggage handling and passengers. Last weekend, Schiphol asked airlines to cancel reservations so departure halls are not overcrowded. Dozens of flights have been cancelled. That’s not on the agenda next weekend, although the airport doesn’t want to completely rule it out either.

The number of flights that can be transferred from Schiphol to other airports depends on various factors. For example, for each flight taken, calculations must be made, for example, noise.

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