Aid agency: More than 700 migrants pulled out of the Mediterranean

Aid agency: More than 700 migrants pulled out of the Mediterranean
A crew member of the Sea-Watch 3 distributes life jackets to migrants on an overcrowded wooden boat during a rescue operation off the Tunisian coast.Reuters photo

The aid organization says it has carried out six different rescue operations with the Ocean Viking since Saturday. The latest operation rescued 106 people off the coast of Malta after German aid organization Sea-Watch sounded the alarm. According to SOS Mediterranee, among those rescued was a three-month-old infant.

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, a group of 400 migrants who encountered problems in the middle of the sea were helped. In addition to the Ocean Viking and the Sea-Watch, the rescue operation also included a ship belonging to the German relief organization ResQship. Of the total 555 migrants rescued by the Ocean Viking, at least 28 were women, some of whom were pregnant. SOS Mediterranee does not yet know which port the migrants will eventually be transferred to.

Libya is the departure point for tens of thousands of migrants hoping to cross the Mediterranean. Most of them are trying to get to Italy. It’s about 300 kilometers away.

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