Agrifirm publishes the deforestation-free soybean chain with a procurement protocol

Agrifirm publishes the deforestation-free soybean chain with a procurement protocol

The cooperatives Agrifirm and FrieslandCampina are developing a completely separate, deforestation-free and diversion-free soybean chain for Europe. Agrifirm has now published the purchase protocol for deforestation and conversion-free soybeans.

In this way, this information is available to other parties who wish to transition to guaranteed deforestation and conversion-free soybeans for animal feed. The procurement protocol includes a definition of deforestation and transformation-free soybeans and a study of the risks of deforestation and land conversion in Canada, the United States, Paraguay, and the states of Brazil.

For a joint pilot with FrieslandCampina, Agrifirm buys soybeans in one or more of these countries and states. Different verification requirements are required from the supply chain based on the risk profile of the country or state.

Improved verification requirements

Soybean suppliers from areas with high risk of deforestation and land conversion must meet more comprehensive verification requirements than soybean suppliers from areas with low risk of deforestation and land conversion. “It is important that we work towards deforestation- and conversion-free soybeans in the dairy chain,” says Rod Tessens, director of group public and cooperative affairs at Royal Agrifirm Goup.

And as far as we’re concerned, buying actual deforestation and conversion-free soybeans will become the norm as quickly as possible. The procurement protocol provides clear guidance and the first trials show that it is possible to create a deforestation-free soybean chain and transfer it to Europe.


The deforestation-free and conversion-free soybean procurement protocol is in effect for Agrifirm’s procurement of all soybeans for the pilot, since March 2022. Agrifirm is investigating possibilities for procurement of all imported soybeans according to the procurement protocol.

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In the run-up to March 2023, FrieslandCampina and the Agrifirm will assess practical experiences with the protocol and feedback from the field of stakeholders. In the spring of 2023, the protocol will be tightened and redeployed.

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