Against Ukraine, the English hope it doesn’t end in penalties

Against Ukraine, the English hope it doesn't end in penalties
Harry Kane of England scored his first goal against Germany. Is it after all “loose”?AFP photo

How well do the teams know each other?

They have played against each other only seven times. The last meeting was on September 13, 2013, when the score was 0-0 in Kiev. England won four times, Ukraine once, and tied twice.

Which of the two countries has the richest (European Championship) in history?

England. Ukraine participated once in the finals of the World Cup, in 2006 (it was eliminated in the quarter-finals), and twice in the European Championship, in 2012 and 2016 (it did not survive in the group stage). And that only England title in 1966 has now faded a lot. Since that title, she has played nine European Championships and ten World Cups. The semi-finals have only been reached four times. Two of them, the 1990 World Cup and the 1996 European Championship, lost to the Germans on penalties.

Who should we put our money on?

You might say England, but England tend to fail when the pressure is too high – and that pressure is always high, because England is considered the best soccer country in the world, but only in England, since the invention of the ball. He did not even participate in the first three World Cups. That World Cup was forThe best of the restWhen England finally competed in the World Cup finals in Brazil in 1950, things went wrong. The score was 0-1 against the USA kid, as a result of which the final group was not reached. The English who were waiting for the results in their country’s telegraph offices thought. That telegraph operator in Brazil got it wrong, and England would have won 10-1, right? In addition, England will not play this European Championship at Wembley for the first time on Saturday night. Perhaps this was the chance for Ukraine, they have already gone further than expected and not They have nothing to lose.

Who are the players we should be watching?

Harry Kane finally scored a goal against Germany. Is it now “loose”? Raheem Sterling also continues to score. And will Jack “What am I going to do with my hair” Grealish again at the base? In Ukraine, the Yaremchuk-Jarmolenko duo succeeded. They are those sneaky snipers who, breathing and groaning, can act so well as if nothing else could be expected of them. Then hit. The English were warned.

What wound should not be opened in the lead up to this duel?

English penalty shootout. These two people against Germany caused national shock (see also Holland). In the major tournaments (European Championship, World Cup, Nations League), England started nine penalties, and lost six. The last two places were won, in the 2018 World Cup against Colombia and the third place in the Nations League in 2019 against Switzerland. This gives hope again if the penalty shootout could be on Saturday evening. Ukraine took part in only one series, but won it: in 2006, against Switzerland.

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