After two years of saving, we went on a trip for €20,000.

After two years of saving, we went on a trip for €20,000.

One makes a new piggy bank for each purchase, and the other just throws money around like it’s nothing. Whatever your spending pattern, you don’t just forget about the most expensive purchase of your life. That’s why we – as curious as we are – ask the question every week: On which purchase have you ever robbed your savings account? Katya left the Netherlands and went on a trip with her partner.

Katja’s most expensive purchase

Age: 38
Occupation: Mental Health Care Worker / Elderly and Informal Care Coordinator

What is the most expensive purchase you have ever made?

It is my most expensive purchase a trip From northeastern Australia to southern Australia, including Kangaroo Island. We did this trip in 2019.

How much does this purchase cost?

“I did this trip with my partner. I think we are pretty much everyone’s 10,000 euros You have spent, together, 20,000 euros. This includes airfare, camper rentals, camper insurance, petrol, camping, overnight accommodation on arrival and departure, food and drinks, activities, and excursions such as a helicopter flight over the Whitsunday Islands and crossing to Kanjiro Island.

How much time did you save for that trip?

“We saved for this trip for two years.”

Have you made a special savings plan for that?

“Before we started saving for this trip, we spent quite a bit of money on breakfasts and lunches outside. We also bought reasonably new shoes and clothes. In addition, we went on vacation at least once a year for two to three weeks and once Another at least a city trip.”

“In those two years of saving, we hardly did that, at all. Many times we’d have a cup of coffee out the door, but put every euro aside. It also made me very aware of how much money usually goes there. Plus, My father passed away in 2016. I also used part of the inheritance for this trip.”

How did your environment react to this release?

We have received only positive feedback. However, some family members already had an opinion about our lifestyle. We had no children then and lived freely and comfortably with only two of us. If we wanted to buy something, we did. We saved, but not as much as in the two years we saved for this trip. In the eyes of these relatives, perhaps we could have lived a less luxurious life. They thought that spending the money on this trip was the best cost.”

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“Personally, I believe that you should not be swayed by someone else’s opinion. Think logically about what you want to save for and what you want to spend it on. Spending money is faster than making money, but the goal of saving should make you happy and no one else. I think it’s good Saving before you spend.”

Would you pay that amount again for a trip?

“In 2021 we became parents for the first time. We dream of one day traveling to Australia with our son. That continent has won our hearts. I have never regretted the expense we made for this trip and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Do you have any tips for people who want to make a similar outlay?

“If you start saving for a trip, calculate in advance the cost as much as possible. If necessary, add 1,000 euros to that, so that you always have enough on hand, in case of emergency. Then see how you want to travel. During this trip, you can also Backpacking, sleeping in hostels, and living frugally. Then you lose a lot of money.”

“We chose a campervan with its own kitchen, toilet and shower. We did expensive activities and excursions, such as helicopter rides and boat trips. In addition, we often ate and drank in nice places, which also cost quite a bit. In addition, the petrol It’s also quite expensive, so think carefully about what kind of trip you want to take in advance.

“While saving, don’t be tempted by bargains and just shop for your own wardrobe. And if you tend to spend money on other things, check out photos and videos of the country you want to visit. Sometimes the anticipation is as fun as the trip. This makes it easier to resist Temptations of unnecessary purchases.

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