After the Musk takeover: Troll campaign puts Twitter to the test

After the Musk takeover: Troll campaign puts Twitter to the test

Service Integrity and Security Chief Yoel Roth said Sunday that “all” of the accounts were fraudulent. For example, 50,000 tweets contained a particular offensive word, but were only sent from 300 accounts.

Roth said Twitter has taken steps “to ban users involved in this phishing campaign.” The company will also continue to work to make the service safe and welcoming for all. Internet users who deliberately disrupt online discussions and poison their atmosphere are referred to as trolls.

Twitter chief Roth confirmed that SMS policies have not changed since Musk took over. There is no place for hateful behavior there. “We are taking action to limit organized efforts to get people to think it’s different,” Roth wrote on Twitter.

Musk begins rebuilding

Watchers warn that under Musk, extremists and conspiracy theorists could explode momentum undisturbed on Twitter in the future. In response to those concerns, Musk announced on the service Friday that he would form a new committee to deal with the controversial content. He wrote on Twitter prior to this board meeting, there will be no significant decisions regarding content policy or account recovery.

So the account of former President Donald Trump, which Musk has been discussing for the past few months, should not be expected to be activated immediately. At the same time, Musk promised in a tweet over the weekend: “Anyone banned for minor and suspicious reasons will be released from Twitter prison.”

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He was also open to removing the 280-character limit for tweets. He also thought it would be a good idea for users to choose between different versions of the service: “like age rating in the cinema”.

Media reports on plans to reduce the number of employees

According to media reports, job cuts should also be initiated immediately on Twitter. Bloomberg Financial Service writes that Musk has brought software developers from the electric car maker he runs to Twitter headquarters to examine the platform’s software code. Business Insider reported that Musk appeared in internal profiles with the title CEO. It was previously reported that he would like to take the position in addition to his senior job at Tesla and his space company SpaceX, among other things.

Musk on Thursday completed the $44 billion acquisition of the online service. Since then, there has been little official information about what is happening on Twitter. The dismissal of senior managers around former president Parag Agrawal was initially known only through media reports. Musk has yet to provide any details about his plans for the future of Twitter. It could go like this: when buying, Musk takes Twitter from the exchange and then no longer has to provide information about business development.

Musk has often criticized the lack of free speech on Twitter

Musk has often criticized Twitter for restricting freedom of expression so much. This raised concerns that there may be more hate speech and hate on Twitter under its control. Musk recently jumped on a complaint from the right-wing political spectrum that Twitter is being censored in the sense of “the left.” “I’ll check it out,” he wrote. Twitter should not favor either side. The service has been on a hard line against false information about elections for years — and Trump supporters speak in particular about censorship.

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Musk often expresses himself politically in the spirit of the Republican Party. He wrote in May that Democrats led by US President Joe Biden had become “the party of division and hate.”

Pelosi attack plot novel spread

On Sunday, Musk himself shared a purely speculative plot story about the attack on politician Paul Pelosi’s husband with his 112 million followers. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband was attacked at the couple’s home and hit in the head with a hammer. The conspiracy account that Musk retweeted baselessly suggests that Pelosi may have gotten into an argument with a man who let him in. The police are clearly talking about a robbery. The tweet was deleted a few hours later.

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