After nearly twelve years as prime minister, suddenly thoughts come to mind. That wasn’t the deal, Mark

After nearly twelve years as prime minister, suddenly thoughts come to mind.  That wasn't the deal, Mark
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Dear Mark,
Let me thank you for what you did for the party. Prime Minister for nearly twelve years, Mark! This is unprecedented. In that time, you’ve really grown into your role: better hair, better glasses, and rolled up the sleeves of white shirts more decisively. I don’t know if they were really there, but you gave the impression of some hard, bulging muscles underneath. Not very assertive, of course, because she had to remain civilized. And above all recognizable. God Mark, how special did you become and stay in those ten years. With your bike, your apple, your hoodies And your visit to the toppers. We have all done an excellent job.

The best thing about you is your smile. The people of the country will agree to that. I was able to laugh away from all the mutterings of dissent. God willing, bastard. This was a very beautiful man! You didn’t even address their arguments. Just wahaha! He went. Just imagine how the people at home on the sofa looked at this: they saw Jesse, Ludwigk, Lillian, Lillian angry, or whatever such sorts are called, when children sobbing at a gentle, elegant and cheerful man. Who do you think got sympathy after that? right you are! Most voters don’t care about the content. Photography, Mark. We’ve had that in our pocket for years.

With this we have been able to do a lot for the liberal Netherlands. For entrepreneurs, homeowners, multinational companies as well as farmers. The economy has been running like clockwork for years, and the people who were right have improved it during your prime. These people are us. Do you think we care about Groningen residents whose homes have been damaged by the earthquake, students without a basic scholarship, asylum seekers who have to sleep abroad, young people who can’t find an affordable home, flexible workers with nonsense contracts? About the foreign-named victims of the wildcard case? No, Mark. Because we are not those people. We are winners. If only those losers had to work even harder. Or you have richer parents, haha. I’m just kidding.

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It has served us well for many years. You are our useful fool. You had no vision, unbridled strength and you had exactly the boring kind of charisma that the Dutch like. Perfect for us to work with. Year after year you have implemented our neoliberal agenda without grumbling. Only if you could keep your job.

It is unfortunate that you suddenly began to believe in yourself. You’re starting to think you’re really responsible. One with even ideas: After years of wonderful porridge and moisture, you suddenly want to treat nitrogen and cut back on livestock. That was not the agreement, Mark.

We called you back on Saturday. It was tough, but 51 percent of the VVD convention voted against your nitrogen policy. As with Brexit and Trump, it was young people who voted differently. Let them go the D66 with their green fantasies. VVD remains VVD. We’ll drive nice and fast and coach the nitrogen debate for years with investigations and commissions. healthy right.

Unfortunately, you have very little left. The pleated sleeves look flexible and your generous smile. If photography no longer works, what good is it, Mark?

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