After Arcade, Wouter Hardy produces another Eurovision bookmaker favorite

After Arcade, Wouter Hardy produces another Eurovision bookmaker favorite

Tout l’univers, this is the name of the song Hardy produced for singer Gjon Muharremaj, known in Switzerland by the stage name Gjon’s Tears. The song was released on Wednesday and was already high on the bookmakers’ favorites that same evening.


“Unbelievable,” says 29-year-old composer from Dean Bush. He told EditieNL, “I myself don’t get it very well. I still have to let it sink in.”

After the success of Arcade, the song that Wouter worked on for two years and Duncan Laurence won the award, he didn’t expect the new song to achieve such success again. “2019 was really a good year. I didn’t expect that number to end up at the top of the bookmaker again.”


Switzerland contacted Wouter last summer to ask him to come and work with Jeon. Travel to Zurich with Belgian songwriter Nina Sampermanz. “We spent a few days in the studio there. Tout l’univers was immediately the first song we made there. Gjon was instantly affected when he heard it.”

The Swiss singer wanted something in the same style as Arcade. “Of course it’s not a copy,” Wouter says, “but it has the same sound.” “That’s totally my style. I’ll never go out with a commercial rhythm, uptempo.”


He believes that power is also present in this sound. “When I watch videos of people hearing Tout l’univers for the first time, the same thing happens exactly as it did two years ago: People automatically start crying. The strings, voice and piano really move people. That’s what makes this the song stand out. It stands out again. I think many more. Of the other Eurovision songs, they are similar to each other. “

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However, he doesn’t want to cheer up early. “Of course we can smell victory, but I also realize nothing has been decided yet. A number of tracks have not been released from other countries yet. I am particularly curious about what Iceland and Sweden will do. It was great too. My favorite last time.” .

Pocket money

Wouter is still warm thanks to Arcade. “The song is now doing very well in the US and Russia. It blew up there thanks to TikTok. I’m so proud that it’s so popular, even aside from the Eurovision Song Contest. As a writer and producer, I already have the rights, so what’s nice also when it comes to Financing. “

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