After 75 years, even Tot Hier is breathing new life into the Hup Holland Hup tradition

After 75 years, even Tot Hier is breathing new life into the Hup Holland Hup tradition
The new football

Soon, Jeroen Waugh and Nils van der Laan wrote a song on Saturday about a match for the Dutch national team, sung by Lenny Kohr. In 1947, Jean de Claire and Deco van der Meer did the same Go Holland go.

Jean de Claire, author of “Hup Holland Hup.” photo jack. Then he Across National Archives

Only the Dutch players knew they beat the United States when they made it Even here He had already made the song, which was sung by Lenny Kohr. You won’t consciousness It did happen, but exactly 75 years ago something similar happened on Dutch radio.

Not in his shirt

dictation Go Holland It used to be a winged expression in the matches of the Dutch national team. There are already reports of it in 1919. And in 1926 football manager A.J. Bronkhorst made the book Hup Holland: The Dutch Football Association and all its ups and downs since its foundation Strong development after a difficult start Numerous official statements Complete schedules Review of famous writers with many pleasant memories over here read.

Then there is the song Go Holland go From 1947, which was written by Jean de Claire with the famous chorus:

Go Holland go
Don’t let the lion stand in his shirt
Go Holland go
Do not put slippers on the animal
Go Holland go
He is not expelled
Because the lion is on the soccer shoes
Take the whole world

KRO Entertainment Orchestra

On September 21, 1947, De Cler wrote a new version with Dico van der Meer, who died in 1951, immediately after the Holland-Switzerland international, which was performed live on the radio by the KRO Amusements Orchestra conducted by Klaas van Beeck. The entire text has been adapted to the course of the competition. Of the eight segments, four were in the first half and four in the second. The chorus was always the same.

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This was the first verse in 1947:

We filled the stadium full of legionnaires.
We couldn’t care less about rain on wet concrete
Because the Netherlands will compete with the Willem Tell club
LaSalle blew the whistle and the match began.
Amadou kicked off and the ball started rolling
Soon, the Football Spirit Corps called out

Then the chorus began.

“We started it as a joke,” de Clare said in 1950, “and we had to move heaven and earth.” It became such a hit that it happened again for years at every Dutch match. Thus de Claire became “only famous”, he wrote Limburg newspaper suitable.


by Jeroen Wu and Niels van der Lan van Even here It was exciting until the last second on Saturday whether everything would work out. This was also the case with Jean de Claire, according to an eye-witness report in telegraph During a radio report from France – Holland. In the control room of the KRO studio, people could relieve stress on a Sunday afternoon, because it was made into a poetic form there, from Go Holland Joe, don’t let the lion stand in his shirt“.

The whole team was in complete focus. “It became at least as exciting there in the KRO as it was in Paris when two goals were scored in a row shortly before half-time.” The last verse was written in three minutes using a chronometer. “The red lamp glows of a four-syllable cabaret report. It was the same in the second half.”

Then, the writers sank into their seats, exhausted. “You know, this is the seventh game. But it makes us at least as tired as the people of the Dutch national team.”

In 1964, de Clare became a general practitioner and was too busy to get involved with the Dutch national team.

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One massive voice

This is another complete text that was written immediately after the Netherlands-Belgium. It is full of references to names and concepts we don’t know, but it clearly shows what the book has managed to achieve in a short time.

The long waiting time is finally over.
We and Belzen neatly arranged.
First our national anthem, then our whistles.
Soon, the stadium roars in one massive voice.
Our kicks, but the ball don’t care,
In general, he doesn’t care who wins.


There wasn’t much to do in the first few minutes.
The first shot, though not a goal, came from Peelzi’s boot.
But Schap, who was not tame, passed the ball to Linestra.
But yes, unfortunately, there was a crossbar, so the goal was cancelled.
Terlouw, who was too listless, gave the Bels a corner,
We held our breath, but Belgium got lau sjans.

Many times, we were caught, but miscalculated.
You know you don’t pass easily lady.
Fifteen years ago, the Bills won for the last time.
So they bite their teeth and are brighter than the sun.
But Rijvers gave Engelsmann a pass, a run, and a shot
The entire stadium almost screamed.


And immediately after that, Wilkes got on wheels, which rolled towards the goal.
But Damon held him. He wasn’t sitting quietly in his chair
We’ve always kept our heads high, even that Schijvenaar
She came into conflict with mermaids head on.
The ball went back and forth across the field like a ferry.
The audience went crazy. Wanted value for money.

But four minutes before half-time, Belgium said: Come on
So Marman passed Terlo and scored a goal with a header.
This is going well, Merman thinks, and now his weight is on the scale.
But Holland fought like a lion and had no chance.
Then the whistle of liberation sounded.
And the whole stadium rushed again:


Right after the break, Devroet van Steenlandt lost his duel
With a second goal, Assad got into a tailspin
The Belgians resided like devils. Linestra thought: This is wrong
And he walked smoothly in front of three Belgians, as graceful as a fish.
De Bels had a huge lead in the first fifteen minutes after the break
Although the Dutch Lion also made a good effort.

After the break, although there was some play, not much happened.
There was something to watch, but it wasn’t exciting.
Van Stenland fired, but suddenly, Bills came.
The goal was empty, but he shot wide and there was no goal in the pot.
But the sheep were seasoned, moved to the feet of Leinstra.
Three free men! Who will do that? Go Linestra Objective 1 It’s good.


Belze Devil rubbed his beard. He did not give up fighting.
So he hacked mermaids at once. One shot. But no, the post said stop.
It’s getting more and more exciting. The Belgian was far from crazy,
Pagano nearly broke his neck in the stall on the score.
They were very close to each other on the field
And Bills or not, the stadium exclaimed

Suddenly the Thirifays got another chance from the mermaids.
was wrong. Fortunately, there is still a bar attached to the target.
We crawled through the eye of a needle, it was a miracle
And we poured it again ourselves, although the Belgian didn’t give us much choice.
Even if the score is even, we are in good spirits.
As long as Assad has supporters, everything always goes well.


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