Adrian Zeeland received her first vaccination

Adrian Zeeland received her first vaccination

However, Adrienne knows it’s there and there was really something to note this week. “I had my first vaccination,” she says. “This is very different from yours.” “In the area where I live, no one is really encouraged to get vaccinated. I do it because I want and hope to see a family from the Netherlands again soon.”

Adrienne lives in Western Australia and now that the borders are closed, she has noticed that there is less traffic on the road. “It was also a decision I wasn’t really expecting.” The border with South Australia is completely closed. “We can only leave the state in the north, but that’s too far away and I don’t go there very often.”

Every day of the week we talk in the radio department Zeeland abroad With a former Territory living in another country and talking about the things he experiences there. Adrienne Verburg from Kortgene went to Australia at the beginning of 2016. A trip was planned, but once in Australia she met her current partner and decided to stay. She currently lives in Fraser Range Station in Western Australia, where they run a contracting company, a large cattle ranch, and a campground with a restaurant.

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