Adrian Newey’s wife criticizes the British press on social media

Vrouw Adrian Newey haalt uit naar Britse pers op social media

After Red Bull Racing in Mexico announced a temporary boycott of Sky Sports, debate erupted about biased journalists blaming the Austrian team. Amanda Newey, wife of Adrian Newey (Red Bull Racing designer), responded harshly to a journalist who threw in her eyes baseless accusations in the world.

Matthew Seid, a journalist for one of Britain’s biggest newspapers, The Times, criticized the Austrian team after the Mexican Grand Prix. Syed argued that Lewis Hamilton had been “stolen” from the championship in 2021, and team boss Christian Horner called him “misguided”, “ruthless” and a “loser”. This was all in response to the team leader, who stated that the team members’ kids are also being bullied at school due to the ups and downs surrounding the budget cap violation. “If there are mental health issues at Red Bull as a result of them breaking the rules, it is their responsibility and theirs alone – not those who criticize it,” he said. sports mole Mr.

toxic press

Amanda Newey saw the team’s criticism and couldn’t resist responding on social media. The message was also removed shortly after it was posted. “What qualifies you to judge me, my husband, any member or relative of Red Bull’s mental state? If you’ve been abused for a year and you haven’t even worked for the team, it exhausts you. Fans provoke the press contributing to the problem,” she describes the problem.

Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz

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For now, the battle ax between Sky Sports and Red Bull Racing is buried. The team wanted to make a statement about the boycott only once. It was an inevitable move, according to the Austrian team, after the suspension of Ted Kravitz during the US Grand Prix was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. From next week, when the Formula 1 circus begins racing in Brazil, Red Bull Racing will speak again to the British quarterback.

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