“Adelaide is so funny and knows a lot of random things, and we never stop talking”

"Adelaide is so funny and knows a lot of random things, and we never stop talking"

They’ve been a couple since spring 2021: Marth Wortman (22), the distinguished model from the Dutch lands, and the Australian actress Adelaide Keane (31) Who is best known here as Mary, Queen of Scots from the Netflix series ruling era.

Both are TikTok stars from the start, and both now have over a million followers. They post funny, accessible videos about daily routines, but also about mental health and queer acting. One fall morning, we make a video call Martha and Adelaide To talk about their love, ideals and future.

Dating under the pandemic seems to be very difficult to me, especially if you don’t live on the same continent. How to go?

Adelaide: ‘We followed each other on TikTok and I thought Martha looked good. So I thought: I’ll slip into her DM and see what happens. Marthy: At first I didn’t realize she was joking! I made a dry comment about my clothes – I would never hit a woman like that.

A: Fortunately, she responded very kindly, despite my poor opening streak. Online there was an instant click and we started Facetime with each other. It soon became everyday. I wanted to see it, but it was difficult due to restrictions on the spread of the virus, especially in the United States (Adelaide lives in Los Angeles, editor). There were strict rules. We were able to meet in Mexico, so I suggested it.

And that’s what happened Marth and Adelaide’s first date It culminated in a three-week love trip to the azure blue sea in Mexico where they fell madly in love. Since then, the women have temporarily stayed together at Marthy’s house in Amsterdam because there was a delay in extending the Adelaide visa.

Marthy, did you immediately think: Let’s go When Adelaide asked you to travel the world for her?

M: I thought it was exciting to travel to Mexico during the lockdown. What if you get stuck there? And you probably didn’t click at all in real life. Fortunately, Adi is a control freak and has already made a plan B, C, and D for all possible scenarios for our trip. It immediately gave me a familiar and safe feeling.

A: In the first place, I arranged separate hotel rooms if there is no romantic vibe and checked if we could stay with friends in LA or London if something went wrong in Mexico. Fortunately there was no need for a backup plan, it was fine right away. However, there was an unexpected turn when I had to rush to France to shoot a movie and then I couldn’t return to America only because there were problems with my visa.

So you’ve been to Marathi in the Netherlands and suddenly you’ve been together since this summer – how’s it going?

M: Of course that’s the lesbian stereotype: two women start dating and live together in no time. We had to laugh about it, because it’s not really ours. We both love freedom and our own space. But things are going surprisingly well and we have a lot of fun together.

A: It’s good that we both think it’s important to have our own space. We don’t have to sit on each other’s lips all day every day and respect each other’s boundaries. I think this comes naturally because we’re really all the same on this.

What do you like each other? Why is it not working just fine?

M: I fell in love with her positive energy. Although she can be very chaotic and busy, her energy has a calming effect on me. Adelaide is very funny and smart and also very caring and sweet. I can be myself with her. She also knows many things about her Random thingsWe never stop talking.

A: “Martha is also very sweet, she always brings me coffee first thing in the morning. I don’t feel pressured to always be mature or strong, I can relax with her. In addition, I find it very inspiring to see her in action, Marthy is one of the most hard working and motivated people I have met.

Read the full interview with Marthe and Adelaide in our new December issue, which hits stores from Tuesday and is now available to order here.

Jeroen W. Mantell

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