According to our readers, these are the most beautiful ways to mobile homes | for travel

According to our readers, these are the most beautiful ways to mobile homes |  for travel

We have a much enthusiastic home among our readers! Anyone who has been on vacation with a camper once will not want anything else. For many, it was difficult to determine the most beautiful path. If Jean and Krista really had to make a choice, this is Corsica. “First to reach Livorno in Italy and crossed there by ferry. We drove around the island in a clockwise direction. Beautiful road with a breathtaking view.” Customer review was automatically translated from Dutch.

Wil van Lier made an incredible journey across America, from Chicago to Los Angeles. “Lots of boring roads from Denver. Luckily also through national parks, beautiful cities and beaches, “he writes.” But I did take the most beautiful route from Sydney to Adelaide in Australia. Beaches, nature, kangaroo. ”Customer review was automatically translated from Dutch.

Many readers sing about Norway. Hans Maas, for example, emails: “The Trollstigen! You come through different seasons with beautiful views.”

Nico and Lina Vennik have a tip for beginners: “Plan your trip in advance but don’t check the camp sites, so you always have space to stay somewhere longer or leave early.”

White sandy beaches

In 2018, we took a caravan trip across Australia, from Sydney to Cape Tribulation Village. The highlight of the Whitsunday Islands was its white sandy beaches, which were discovered by British navigator James Cook.

Niko in Linda Finnick


With an organized carriage trip, I drove the Silk Road: through Russia and Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan and then across all Stan states: 23,000 km. Iran was the most admired. Iranians are cheerful and hospitable!

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Rhea Caption

never forget

With the gloom, we think of returning to a trip, 50 years ago, in America from Massachusetts to South Florida, where we visited a crocodile farm, among other things. In the southern states, an Indian reserve made an impression, and the Grand Canyon was also stunning.

Rick and Helen Roemans


In Alaska, we drove for five weeks with a rental trolley. In the villages and towns we had a lot of communication with the residents who were very hospitable. There, in the wild, we saw a lot of wildlife. Great!

Jacob and Lynick Ritsma


We had a wonderful adventure with our camper. From the coastal resort of Lübeck-Travemünde on the Baltic Sea we took the ferry to Helsinki.

We traveled through many nature reserves to Northern Finland. Via Sweden and Denmark, we return to the Netherlands. A must if you love peace, nature and culture.

Martin Ferrand

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