According to American experts, Joe Biden should take these steps once he becomes president

According to American experts, Joe Biden should take these steps once he becomes president

When he is sworn in later today, Joe Biden will officially be the 46th President of the United States. What must he do first to finally end the Trump era? Three American experts give their opinion.

Biden has already announced a clear list of priorities. The massive vaccination campaign must fight the Coronavirus, he wants to boost the economy with a massive support package, the climate must be back on the agenda and he wants to address racial inequality through police reforms. But: a first hit always equals a dollar. What step should he take immediately according to Three Americans?

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Victor Flame: Don’t immediately reverse Trump’s decisions

Victor Flame, 33, grew up in America commenting and explaining events in American politics over the past 10 years. According to him, Biden’s first move should be something he probably doesn’t like to do. “This is a helping hand for the Trump voter. For example, when it comes to immigration, many of them believe that their environment changes a lot. So Biden can choose not to immediately undo all Trump’s anti-immigration measures. Even if he would like to.”

Victor Flame

“You can think about banning entry from some Muslim countries, or keeping the refugees’ quota for the United States to enter.” Vlam believes he could cause problems for Biden supporters. “Many Democrats think the entry ban is racist. But he can say in his inaugural speech,” We want to reunify the country and we will have to make concessions for that. “

‘Leave Trump more left’

Flame appears to be better for Biden to ignore Trump more. “Directing criticism is adding fuel to Trump’s supporters, so I will ignore it. He should not interfere with the impeachment process that is still ongoing.”

However, whether Trump should be prosecuted remains a “devil’s dilemma.” Biden has said yet that he’s not really interested in that. He could choose to pardon Trump, as Ford once did with Nixon, in order to unify the country. But whether or not Trump is convicted, he can register as a candidate again within 4 years. Only if the dismissal process is successful, it is not possible, but this chance is small. “

Joe Biden becomes the new president of the United States. Former chancellor Mo Villa and American connoisseur Frans Verhagen shed light on Joe Biden and what kind of president he will be.

Quinn Petersen: Time to build a bridge

Quinn Petersen (52) an American expert wrote the book among other things The ultimate goal of the White House, how Americans elect their president. He also believes it is important for Biden to build a bridge between the two parties in the country. “I’d like to say let him do it right away. He’s already doing it reasonably well, because two-thirds of Americans are optimistic about the way he’s doing it.”

Quinn Petersen

Quinn Petersen

“He can say in his speech that it’s okay that Trump didn’t attend the inauguration, but it’s a shame that the 150-year-old tradition of being the next president is lost and gone.” In his early proposals, it seems logical that Petersen would seek a majority in both camps. “Then he might lose some support from the Democratic Left, but get some moderate votes from the Republicans. This is really building a bridge, to go back to America where people didn’t always agree, but they understood each other’s problems.”

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Make America nice again

Petersen believes Biden is the outspoken guy who put “a nicer America” ​​on the map. “America’s First Lady Jill Biden, from mothers, schools and communities of connected people. His own version of Make America Great Again could be, but on soft nostalgia rather than feeling against the present.”

As for Trump, the man is now on the ground, so Biden must get off the pedal. Despite the fact that a number of Republicans were still standing behind Trump, he still had to reach out. Get your middle finger, then everyone knows: He tried. “

Frans Verhagen: Biden must be president of all Americans

According to the American expert, Frans Verhagen (66), Biden’s first step should be to restore the authority of the president’s office. “In his speech, which is very important, he should point out that he is truly the president of all Americans. There he can quickly distinguish himself from Trump.”

France Verhagen

France Verhagen

“His biggest problem is that Trump convinced a third of Americans that Biden did not win the election fairly. For some Republicans to support this lie is of course a farce.” Moreover, according to Frahagen, he must essentially ensure that the government will function normally again. “He has to do the things that everybody knows needs to be done, but getting the economy back on will be difficult. Biden wants a $ 1.9 trillion support package and a minimum wage of $ 15, but Republicans will vehemently oppose that.”


Verhagen believes we won’t hear much from the former president (almost) Trump in the future. “The status and authority of a president in America is fading very, very quickly. I think Trump will fade much faster than many people think.” He is not advising Biden to seek explicit support for the opposition, and certainly from Trump supporters. “Trump is now the Republicans’ problem. Within a year, 20 more Senate seats will be released. If the Republicans remain in Trump’s grip and choose the Trump candidates again, it will be easier for the Democrats to defeat them. ”

For the rest, Biden must survive and not die early. If we had a black woman as president in two years, reactionary minds in the Republican Party would wake up very quickly. I don’t know if the country is really ready for that. “

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