A woman has a miscarriage after a friend kicked her out of the hood

A woman has a miscarriage after a friend kicked her out of the hood

A woman lost her baby after a “practical joke error” when a friend drove her car while it was on the hood.

Megan Meredith had a miscarriage after being kicked out of her Ford hatchback in Wales early last year.

She also suffered a broken ankle and knee after the accident.

This week, Kelly Harrison was excused from a prison sentence after admitting that she was responsible for her ex-girlfriend’s injuries, Wales Online Reports.

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The accident happened when the defendant tried to play a joke on Meredith.

Harrison jumped into the driver’s seat in the victim’s Ford, closed the doors and started driving away while two friends laughed in the back seat.

The victim jumped onto the hood in an attempt to stop Harrison.

But the 20-year-old defendant continued to drive at up to 30 kilometers per hour before braking sharply.

Lady Meredith has been thrown to the ground.

As a result of the accident, she had a miscarriage, and discovered during her treatment that she was pregnant at the time.

Her right ankle and knee were also broken in the fall.

Since then she has needed surgery for her injuries.

A judge at Cardiff Crown Court heard that Mrs. Meredith had picked up Harrison and two other friends during the afternoon before the friends had traveled to buy donuts.

The victim left her keys in the engine when she went to throw garbage from the car into the nearby trash can.

But when she looked back, she saw Harrison in the driver’s seat.

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Trying to open the door, I realized they were locked.

The court heard that the friends in the back seat may have been filming while Harrison started driving and Meredith yelled at her to stop.

The victim grabbed the car to prevent herself from falling – but the defendant continued driving, speeding down the main street.

When Mrs. Meredith tried to cling to the windshield wipers, Harrison brake and fell on the road.

Television footage of the accident showed Harrison leaving the car and lying next to her friend.

The victim was taken to hospital where she was found pregnant.

This spoiled my life. “

She miscarried as a result of her five-hour treatment in surgery.

Medics believe her injuries may not fully heal.

In a victim’s personal statement read out to court, Ms. Meredith said the incident came as a “complete shock” and left her “shattered”.

“This accident ruined my life and I worry about the future, my leg job, and employment,” she said.

“I am not the person I was before and I do not think I will be the same person again. Now I have to live with these injuries for the rest of my life.”

Harrison, an assistant worker, said she wanted to play a “practical joke,” and only intends to drive around.

She later admitted that she had caused serious injury from dangerous driving.

“This is a tragic situation for everyone involved,” said Jenny Yu mitigated.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced with permission.

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