A Welsh mother strangled to death by a dog after stumbling while walking

A Welsh mother strangled to death by a dog after stumbling while walking

Deborah Marie Roberts, 47, died in a strange accident after she was strangled to death when her dog was wrapped around her neck during a morning walk, an investigation heard.

Her son Robert told the commission of inquiry on Thursday that he believed a mother of four from North Wales, UK, had faltered when “lovable” Staffordshire dogs tried to help her.

“They are beautiful dogs. If you meet them now they will jump and lick you. All they were doing was trying to help my mom when she fell.”

Understandably, dogs named Tyson and Ruby, who were on two strings of ropes, started pulling them in to wake her up.

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However, a girl found the widow, whose husband had died three years ago, face down on the grass, with strings wrapped around her neck.

On July 8, Mrs. Roberts, in a park near her home, discovered her pets by her side, the sun Reports.

Then the girl cried for help before two workers rushed.

One of them said in a statement: “I noticed a little girl running towards me, crying, saying,” Can you help me? Some people are suffocating. “

He described how the two dogs were murmuring, adding that he was seeing Roberts unconscious.

The investigation was told that the “tragic case” was a strange accident, adding that sometimes Mrs. Roberts had strings around her neck while the dogs were restrained.

The mother has since been praised by friends and family, describing her as the “true angel” in sad Facebook posts.

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“My siblings and I are so overwhelmed with all the lovely comments about my mom. She was really unique and we would miss her a lot,” Ibn Callum wrote.

“It totally ruined you and your family. Deb was one lady from Hell. You filled the air with love and laughter. RIP is lovely,” a friend shared.

A neighbor wrote, “Depp was one of the most beautiful people you’d ever wanted to meet.”

The investigation heard that Mrs. Roberts was suffering from Huntington’s disease – a degenerative genetic condition – which had resulted in deteriorating mobility, the sun Reports.

Assistant pathologist David Bogor said she “may have stumbled” but “we don’t know” why the strings are around her neck.

It was determined that the cause of Mrs. Roberts’s death was asphyxia caused by gunshot strangulation.

The tragic death comes after a series of unexpected deaths at the hands of dogs, including a newborn infant who was recently killed by a Rottweiler pet in New Zealand and a child who was assaulted to death at a party in the United States.

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