A sensation about the sports test of the Minister of the Interior …

A sensation about the sports test of the Minister of the Interior ...

Minister Anneliese Verlinden’s exercise moment is making a lot of noise © TVO

The fact that Interior Minister Anneliese Verlinden (CD&V) took part in a physical conscription trial by the federal police last weekend disappointed many Belgians. From “shameless” to “hypocritical” to “where’s your mouth mask?” The reactions on Facebook are not nice.


On Saturday, a CD&V politician in Ghent took part in a federal police math test, which candidate officers are required to take. Practice test passed. But the way Minister Ferlinden did it – inside and without a mouth mask – is not liked by many people, according to hundreds of reactions on social media.

“Did I miss the latest announcements? Apparently you can work out again, without a mouth mask? Great news!! Can this be taken to sports clubs and schools, so we can all do what my madam is doing here..so our kids can take another lesson in Gymnastics/sports without a mouth mask and the rest of the population can exercise indoors again. We’ll see the new MB come out soon, sure? Hypocrisy at its best. #oxygenforeveryone,” writes Sylvia Nesiv, among others. Another person responds that her behavior is “rude”.


When we ask the minister to respond, her spokeswoman is silent. Ms. Verlinden was involved in supporting the police during the recruitment drive. During this legislature, 1,600 inspectors must be appointed annually. This is too much. In addition, I explained beep-answers Mary Verbeke, who also refers to the Federal Police for further comment.

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When asked if Minister Verlinden understood the comments of citizens, who have had to stick to her rules for months and therefore cannot exercise indoors, her spokeswoman referred again to her colleagues from the Federal Police. “I will stick to this.”

The Federal Police, also inundated with a torrent of letters, is showing more understanding. It’s like, “Of course we understand the hype.” It also seems strange. However, the tests were organized safely. in small groups. distance from each other. After that everything was cleared. The minister wasn’t wearing a hat while doing sports, but he wore it afterwards.”

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