A sailor survived for 16 hours under a capsized boat in the ocean

A sailor survived for 16 hours under a capsized boat in the ocean

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    The 12-meter-high boat capsized off the Spanish Cesargas Islands

The Spanish Coast Guard rescued a sailor in the Atlantic Ocean who had been trapped under his capsized boat for 16 hours. The guy was in a bubble under his boat the whole time. One of the divers involved told Spanish media that his survival was “on the bounds of the impossible”.

The 62-year-old French sailor left Lisbon on Sunday morning in his 12-meter-long boat. On Monday evening, he sent a distress signal when he encountered a problem 20 kilometers from the Spanish islands of Cesargas.

Three helicopters and a lifeboat went there and found the boat overturned in the ocean. One of the divers heard dings from the inside, but the sea was too rough for the rescue. However, buoys were attached to the ship so that it would not sink.


Conditions improved the next morning and two divers were able to reach the crew. Turns out the Frenchman was in a bubble up to his knees under the icy water. He was wearing a wetsuit.

With the help of divers, the sailor was able to swim under his boat. He was taken to the hospital by helicopter, where he was found to be fine.

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