A psychopath dominated his mother for some time and was arrested

verdachte die op politie schoot neergeschoten en in ziekenhuis overleden

Archives: Arrest by Suriname Police Force.

Suriname police arrested a 30-year-old patient from Paramaribo Center for Psychiatry (PCS) last Sunday, as he had been persecuting his mother for some time. According to the Suriname Police Corps.

That day, the Latour office police received a report by phone that a young man in Van Bebelwig was delirious. Once there, the police found the suspect, Melvin G. Who was arrested.

According to the statement of the caller, also the mother, her son is a PCS patient. As long as he can’t get it, Melvin is making her life miserable. In his angry attack on April 25, he destroyed her household items and threatened to set her house on fire.

Melvin was arrested and taken to the police station for trial. After consulting with the Suriname Public Prosecution Office, the suspect was arrested, according to police reports.

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