A “possessed” aunt stabs her 8-year-old nephew to death on Christmas Eve abroad

A "possessed" aunt stabs her 8-year-old nephew to death on Christmas Eve  abroad

The drama took place on the night from Thursday to Friday in the French town of LeMay, in the province of Yvelines, when the woman stabbed her nephew to death around 3:20 am. Various French media reported this.

The emergency services were called because a woman was walking around with a bloodstained child. Police found an 8-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister. Help came too late for the boy. The girl was seriously injured and taken to hospital. She sustained several injuries to her arms, legs and stomach.

The aunt was going to take the children and her baby to the park behind the house, where the drama took place. Ms Salma’s child was found in the park, according to France Info.

Initial police investigations revealed that the children’s mother and sister of the alleged perpetrator lived in the same house. The children’s parents did not notice anything.

The police managed to quickly arrest the aunt. She herself had injuries to her arms. The woman was said to have immediately confessed and said that “Satan possesses it”. A knife was found with a blade of 15 cm. It was hidden in the garden of the house where the tragedy occurred.

Psychological help

According to Agence France-Presse, five adults and three children from the same family were celebrating Christmas together in the apartment. The woman was arrested and taken to hospital for treatment. She had received psychiatric help in the past and was unknown to the police.

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