A new social media trend: Clubhouse must also come for Android

A new social media trend: Clubhouse must also come for Android

A new trend for social media
Clubhouse should also come for Android

So far, it’s only available for iPhones, but the sheer popularity makes the creators of the social media app Clubhouse want more: They’re announcing the Android version. There is a controversial mechanism behind the rapid growth.

In the future, the new Clubhouse social media app will also be able to run on Google Android smartphones. Company founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth announced this in a blog on Sunday. So far, the audio app is only available for iPhone devices. When Clubhouse is also available on the Google Play Store, club makers do not advertise.

Clubhouse is a audio app that allows users to listen to conversations like live broadcasts or actively participate in discussions. Unlike networks like Twitter, you cannot comment on posts by writing or setting ‘likes’. Davison and Seth wrote that they and the Clubhouse had injured a nerve for people to meet.

“I have moved quickly over the past decade – from a small handful of beta testers to a diverse and network of communities.” Last week, “two million people around the world visited the club to exchange ideas, learn, laugh, entertain, meet and connect.” “It’s the most exciting thing we’ve been a part of.”

Controversial publishing method

With 2 million active users, Clubhouse is much smaller than Twitter with around 330 million active users. The programming for the Android version appears to be still in the beginning: “They will soon start working on the Android app and adding additional functionality for accessibility and localization so that people around the world can experience Clubhouse in one way that feels familiar to them,” the company founders wrote.

Meanwhile, they will be concerned with having technical issues with the servers under control due to the large number of users. “A large portion of the new funding will be directed to technology and infrastructure to expand the club experience for everyone so that it is always fast and reliable regardless of the number of people attending.”

As for viral distribution, Clubhouse is relying on a controversial method that has already been the basis for the rapid growth of WhatsApp. After installing the app and activating the invitation, the app requires access to all entries in the user’s iPhone contact address book. This practice has been severely criticized by data protectors in Europe on WhatsApp, because users actually have to request permission from each individual contact before transferring personal data to servers in the USA.

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