A nervous Liz Truss survived her party convention speech, thanks in part to Greenpeace

A nervous Liz Truss survived her party convention speech, thanks in part to Greenpeace

British Prime Minister Liz Truss during her speech at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.AFP photo

During the speech of her life, Truss seemed tense and uneasy, and repeatedly looked at the robotic controller. So I planned to speak for only 25 minutes. A week ago, opposition leader Keir Starmer spoke for an hour and a half. Every effort has been made to avoid disasters. For example, the words Getting Britain Moving were dropped on the wall behind Truss to prevent the letters from falling off, as was done in a 2017 speech in May.

But ten minutes later, something unexpected happened. Two Greenpeace activists began chanting slogans about conservative climate policy, holding a banner. The duo was kicked out of the hall to loud applause. Created a sense of teamwork. Suddenly Gears seemed less tense and more free. She said the two came a little early, because she didn’t want to focus on the anti-growth coalition until later in the speech.

This coalition is made up of everyone who opposes his neoliberal path, from environmental groups to human rights advocates, and from labor politicians to moderate party members. For a moment, there has been an ‘us against them’ dynamic again since the time of the Brexit referendum. In essence, it was bad speech. For example, I explained exactly where growth should come from. Seeing how quickly she left the room, she seemed happy that the annual party was over.

all time low

The low point was the Conservatives’ meeting late Sunday night, when it decided, in the face of an uprising, not to proceed with the controversial repeal of the highest tax rate. Then party members also tried to extract other elements from the neoliberal budget. Meanwhile, Home Secretary Soyla Braverman complained that Truss did not stand his ground. She even talked about a coup against her president.

Never before has a new prime minister faced political problems so quickly. In fact, it threatens to become the shortest serving prime minister since George Canning, who succumbed to tuberculosis in 1827 after his 118-day premiership. After the economic plans were announced, its popularity kept dropping from the pound on budget day. An opinion poll showed that Britons associate the words ‘incompetent’, ‘unreliable’ and ‘worthless’ with the new prime minister.

Having stepped on stage at the sounds of moving forward, she introduced herself by saying that she was the first Prime Minister to have attended a regular public school. And now she sees herself again as a relative stranger, who wants to break the status quo, and wants to get out of the era of high taxes and cheap money. Commentator Nick Timothy, a former adviser to Theresa May, spoke of the “Basque Thatcherite”.

She says government interventions during crises – the pandemic and energy prices now – are necessary, but should not become a habit. In the future, her liberating message was, citizens must learn to stand on their own feet again. Recognize that making big changes always brings turmoil. She noticed this during the four-day conference in which the Prime Minister lost control of her ministers and fellow party members.

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