A Moroccan woman becomes “the best teacher in the world” thanks to innovative ways with students

A Moroccan woman becomes "the best teacher in the world" thanks to innovative ways with students

Amal Abu Muslim has published this innovative technique in a book called “The Super Multiplication Table”, which includes ways to help the student learn the arithmetic table in an easy and simple way.

This technique has proven a great success for students, including those who suffer from “autism”, dyscalculia, or dyslexia (dyslexia), which qualified Professor Amal Abu Muslim to win prizes inside and outside Morocco, the most prominent of which was the award for the best teacher in the world for the year 2021.

Decode “Heroes of Memory”

Abu Muslim embarked on a journey to search for new ways to teach arithmetic in 2016 after being crowned with the “Innovative Professors in the Field of Information and Communication Technology in Education” award, for her efforts to find ways to reduce the phenomenon of school wastage.

Abu Muslim said: “Through my research, I came to the conclusion that the difficulty of learning is among the main reasons that lead to school dropout, which prompted me to think of inventing new ways to help the student keep pace with the educational curricula.”

Three years later, during her follow-up to the “Super Mind” competition in its Russian version, which was awarded to a young Moroccan named Lahcen Oulhaj, the professor was impressed by the young man’s level and set out to search for the methods he adopted to acquire a strong memory and supernatural abilities that enabled him to enter the “Champions of Memory” club.

Abu Muslim’s curiosity and desire to solve the mystery of “turning ordinary people into geniuses” led her to discover Daniel Tammet, a British genius who has high abilities in learning mathematics and remembering numbers, despite his autism.

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The professor highlights that following Daniel Tammet and all his videos on YouTube enabled her to decipher the code that makes him remember numbers in record time, by converting them into pictures connected to a story, which helped her create the “super multiplication table”.

success of the experiment

Abu Muslim says that the “Super Multiplication Table” is an innovative code for memorizing the multiplication table from the first time, based on Daniel Tammet’s technique.

The idea, according to the professor, is to transform numbers into pictures linked to simple stories, that can be remembered easily, so that each picture symbolizes something realistic.

The teacher was not waiting for all that success achieved by the new technology, which showed its effectiveness by one hundred percent, and in record time for all the students who were finding it difficult to memorize the calculation table.

Ms. Abu Muslim tells that she set out to employ the new innovation in her classroom, and was fascinated at the time by the results that were achieved for all children, including those with autism and those who suffer from dyscalculia and dyslexia. the scientist”.

Abu Muslim considers that the teacher is required to search for innovative methods, to help students who face learning difficulties in order to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of developing their academic level and obtain satisfactory results.

Local and international recognition

After the success of the experiment inside the institution where Ms. Amal Abu Muslim studies in the Temara governorate (central Morocco), I decided to generalize the experiment to other regions of Morocco, by participating in competitions for innovative professors.

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Ms. Abu Muslim has won a number of awards for innovation in the field of teaching, most notably the Best Teacher Award for the year 2021 granted by the Global Teachers Awards, which is based in India.

The professor stresses that participating in innovation competitions for innovators in the field of education, whether inside or outside Morocco, is not considered an end in itself, but rather a means to make the technology of the “super multiplication table” more widely known.

While Abu Muslim aspires for the Ministry of Education to adopt its idea and spread the experience inside and outside Morocco, it seeks to break the record for the mathematical constant “pi” and enter the Guinness Book of Records, by memorizing the largest number of separating numbers, and has been able to save 8000 numbers until today.

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