A man wants to ‘run’ across the sea to New York in a DIY hamster wheel | abroad

A man wants to 'run' across the sea to New York in a DIY hamster wheel |  abroad

The man, named Reza al-Balushi, was wearing a home appliance with floats floating on his side. A spokesman for rescuers said the man left about 50 miles north of Florida. But he ran into some problems along the way that didn’t get him very far.

In total, the man wanted to run 1,000 miles north, but eventually drifted 30 miles south. This must be a deception for him. Al Balooshi told the Sun-Sentel newspaper that his navigation system had been stolen, which prevented him from going any further.

Tuna and muesli bars

Al Balooshi had lofty ambitions with the hamster wheel. He said he wanted to raise money for the homeless, the Coast Guard, the fire service and the police. “I want to show people that they should do what they want. Don’t listen to anyone, follow your dreams,” the man told local media.

The man has been planning this trip since 2016. He has his own website on which the grand plans are described in detail. He also posted a video on his YouTube channel in 2020. On the way back, he planned to stop in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba and Key West.

Al Balooshi wanted to survive in his hurry on bars of muesli, tuna, filtered sea water and chewing gum to “fight seasickness”.

Once the weather improves and the stolen equipment is recovered, Al Balooshi wants to try again.

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