A large number of “M” signs appear on Google Maps. Google Hong Kong responded | with a tick of 50 meaning | Hong Kong 01 | Digital Life

A large number of "M" signs appear on Google Maps.  Google Hong Kong responded | with a tick of 50 meaning | Hong Kong 01 | Digital Life


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[Mysterious Signs / Urban Legends / Google Maps]Recently, some netizens discovered that the streets of Hong Kong in Google Maps were suddenly added with many “M” signs, which caused heated discussions among netizens. Some internet users expect them to be the entrances and exits of shopping centers, and YouTubers may notice the CCTV site. Hong Kong 01 science and technology reporter inquired Google Hong Kong, and finally got an official response!

As can be seen in the photo, there are 9 “M” signs at Mega Center in Mong Kok alone.

Google Maps suddenly shows a large number of “M” signs with white text on a blue background. According to the official Google website, the symbol “M” represents the “metro” subway. Is there another reason for so many “M” “marks?

Someone on the discussion board said this mysterious sign actually appeared as early as January this year. Some people also posted a place where the mysterious “M” appeared nearby. You can see that there is roughly one tick every few steps, and there are a lot of them. The situation is intriguing.

The Netizens Network has found a large number of “M” icons for fans[انقر على الصورة لتكبيرها]👇👇

Tech Games Channel “Hong Kong 01” has received an official response from Google Hong Kong for Internet user speculation and Google’s official response.[انقر للتكبير]👇👇👇

In fact, every sign on Google Maps has a specific meaning. You use Google Maps for driving roads and cars every day. How well do you know the symbols on the map? Here are 50 signs that you’ll definitely see on Google Maps for Hong Kong, let’s assume!👇👇 50 Google Maps symbol meanings[اضغط على الصورة لتكبيرها]👇👇

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In the past ten years, many changes have taken place in personnel affairs, and in recent years, many large milestones have been completed in Hong Kong. You are the one who uses Google Maps to view street maps on weekdays, and knew there was a secret to using Google Maps for street views from 12 years ago? You can find it regardless of whether it was the UA cinema that just shut down completely, or the un-air-conditioned “hot dog” bus that vanished!

👇👇👇13 Google Maps Street View comparison chart👇👇👇

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