A high water wave leaves Limburg on Monday morning | 1 Limburg

A high water wave leaves Limburg on Monday morning |  1 Limburg

Rijkswaterstaat expects the Maas high water wave to leave Limburg on Monday morning. Peaks reach Belfield and Venlo on Saturday afternoon and Mock and Midlar on Sunday morning.

The municipality of Mock-on-Medlar has put in place an emergency law and is threatening to fine people who come to areas where they have no work.

Maastricht refused
The water level in Maas at the St. Peter measurement point in Maastricht has fallen since Thursday evening. The river reached its highest level on Thursday evening, with a discharge of 3,260 cubic meters per second. This was the highest level the river had reached since measurements began in 1911. Only in 1926 and 1993 did the discharge exceed 3000 cubic meters per second. By Sunday, the discharge in St Peters will be below 1,500 cubic meters per second, according to Rijkswaterstaat.

According to the Rijkswaterstaat Water Management Center, it will remain dry in Limburg next week. It may rain again next weekend, but more rain is expected and 30 to 50 mm of water will fall until July 27. This is not expected to cause any new problems, because the rainwater comes from Belgium and France to a lesser extent.

Rijkswaterstaat lowered the levee at Leith in Brabant on Saturday to make way for Maaswater. The padlock was closed at Heumen in Gelderland and the padlock was blocked at Weurt near Nijmegen. This lock forms the entrance from Maas to Waal, where the water will also be high from this weekend.

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