A herd of sick elephants threatens to storm the Chinese capital | abroad

A herd of sick elephants threatens to storm the Chinese capital |  abroad

The herd left a reserve in southwest China three months ago and has traveled about 500 km since then. On their way, 15 Asian elephants cause severe damage to crops. Asian elephants can reach six meters in length and three meters in height.

The herd initially consisted of sixteen animals, but two decided to turn around and another baby elephant was born along the way. The young man now bravely walks from village to village.

20 kilometers to go

Authorities often have to stop traffic because the animals threaten to cross congested roads or continue their journey on the highway. With food, animals are lured in a different direction. It is hoped that the elephants will return to remote forest areas on their own, but that does not appear to be the case yet. The herd is now located 20 kilometers from the Chinese capital.

According to experts, never before in China did a flock go far from its “home”. The group may have lost its way because the herd leader was said to be relatively inexperienced.

Last week, the herd walked for six hours in the city of Ishaan. Residents had to stay in their homes. There were no injuries.

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