A former Scottish soldier is one of the many foreign volunteers in Ukraine

A former Scottish soldier is one of the many foreign volunteers in Ukraine

Foreigners come from, among other countries, Canada, the United States, Israel, Georgia, and Sweden. Find each other on Reddit. Others see a Facebook call from the Ukrainian embassy in their country. Then they call the hotline set up by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Thank you for your contribution to winning. For English press 2‘ says the computer’s voice. When the NOS calls in recent days, the line is often overloaded. The operator, who finally answers, says the call center staff are too busy to answer reporters’ questions in a short time.

Once you sign up, says Bonini, the logistics run smoothly. “I think the ministry has been great so far. They give a lot of support, let us know what equipment to bring, and help arrange transportation.” He had to show that he had combat experience.

Contribution to peace

Bonini hopes to fight alongside other British soldiers in Ukraine. He says, because they had the same training, they would work together more smoothly. “A group of four or five Brits can work much faster.”

It likely won’t happen, says researcher Kasper Rykowic of the Center for the Study of Radicalization at the University of Oslo. He studies how foreign volunteers have worked in combat since 2013 in the breakaway region of Donbass.

“There is not enough time to assemble the foreign volunteers,” Ragawick says. It is likely that they will be distributed to the combat units in the army to fill the gaps.

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Veteran British warrior Mark Ayres also informed Kyiv of the fight:

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